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Hearing better with Vibe

Good hearing is essential to our everyday lives, yet most people don’t think twice about what it means to hear well. It’s easy to take for granted being able to chat with friends, enjoy music, hearing the sounds of nature, or noticing important warning signals in the environment. Experiencing hearing loss can be a slow, but devastating process as the sounds of the world gradually fade away. Luckily, the effects of hearing loss can be treated with the right hearing aids. Reclaim a full and enriched life with Vibe hearing aids.
Because hearing better is living better.

Test your hearing in 3 minutes

A hearing test is an easy and completely painless way to check how well you are hearing the sounds of life. Our free hearing screening tests your left and right ears, and identifies if hearing devices could be beneficial for you. It can be done with any kind of headphones, and takes only 3 minutes.

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Discover Vibe Hearing Aids Family

Vibe Nano 8 CIC

Maximal discretion
Astonishing comfort
Intuitive design


Vibe Mini 8 ITC

Experience freedom
Discreet wear
Dependable, every day


Vibe S8 BTE

Active living
Robust design
Easy handling


Vibe P8 BTE

Transformational connections
Precision and power
Pure Performance


Why is hearing so important?


Hearing is one of the essential senses that connects us to the living world. Our hearing health is also connected to our physical, cognitive, and emotional wellness.


Spoken language allows us to share ideas, experiences, and convey our innermost thoughts. Speech also carries subtleties, like volume, cadence, tone, and accent, that tell you nuances about what is being said.


Hearing loss deprives us of precious opportunities to understand and relate to one another. We also lose important details about our environment, like background sounds, warning signals, or the chance for spontaneous communication.

Start today to better hearing

Completed your hearing screening already? The next step to better hearing is a consultation with one of our hearing care experts.

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Customer Reviews


“I’m wearing a pair of Vibe Minis. At first I was resistant, but the longer I used them, the better they feel. I sometimes even forget that they’re in, except for the fact that I hear much better than before. It was my family who pushed me to start with them, and now I have to say I’m so glad that they did.”


“As soon as I started wearing Vibe devices, I started catching conversations the way I used to before. These days, I feel like my quick and witty self again. These hearing aids are worth their weight in gold.”


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