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Understanding your hearing

The importance of good hearing

Hearing is one of the senses essential to good overall health. We depend on our hearing for communication with our loved ones, receive information, respond to our surroundings, and enjoy the sounds of the world. Hearing health can be affected by many factors, like our environment, specific events, or genetics. Hearing loss generally develops slowly over many years, and the effects are so gradual that they are not apparent from one day to the next. This can make it difficult for those affected to recognize that they are suffering from hearing loss.

The good news is that there has never been a better time to take action against hearing loss. Most hearing loss can be treated with the right hearing devices. Taking a hearing test is the first step to selecting the right hearing aid for you or your loved one.

Wondering about your hearing?

Our simple hearing test identifies if hearing devices could be beneficial for you, and can be done with any kind of headphones.

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If you have a hearing loss, you are not alone. 10% of the world suffers from some level of hearing impairment

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If you have a hearing loss, you are not alone. 10% of the world suffers from some level of hearing impairment

How to manage this kind of hearing loss

Hearing loss is often ignored for years before treatment, but can be easily detected with a simple hearing test.

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Hearing aids can improve hearing for 95% of people who experience hearing loss.

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Hearing loss is more visible than hearing aids

People are worried that they will look old to others if they are seen with hearing aids. What they don’t realize is that constantly misunderstanding conversations, or asking for repetitions is much more noticeable than tiny hearing aids in the ear.

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