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Vibe S8 BTE

Sleek Behind-the-ear

  • Fits unnoticeably behind the ear
  • Comfortable in every situation
  • Easy to handle

Leveraging technology for the fullest experience of life

Vibe S8 Behind-the-ear devices offer high-performance, powerful technology, and intelligent functions in a remarkably compact design. These are truly innovative digital hearing aids, designed with your comfort and ease of use in mind. Vibe S8s offer a mid-range amplification to support moderate to moderately severe levels of hearing loss, and sit unnoticeably behind the ear, with a sleek coupling cable and open dome to sit comfortably into the ear canal.

Wondering about your hearing?

Our simple hearing test identifies if hearing devices could be beneficial for you, and can be done with any kind of headphones.

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Designed for the active personality

Vibe S8s feature directional microphones, which identify the source of important sounds for better speech understanding in any social environment or noisy background, so you can relax and let the sounds come to you. All hearing aids in the Vibe family have situation-based noise reduction and feedback cancellation for comfortable listening in any environment. Whether it’s the sound of children’s voices at a family gathering, or group conversations in a noisy restaurant, Vibe hearing aids have your hearing ease in mind. From our extensive experience with customers, we know that when you don’t need to strain to hear, every day is filled with more energy for the important things in life.

Smart features, designed to make your life easier

1. Ear piece with small and large domes to provide a customizable fit
2. Adapter for ear piece connecting earhook tube and dome
3. Transparent tube for earhook
4. Translucent earhook settles comfortably behind the ear
5. Directional microphone supporting 8-channel signal processing
6. Push button plays confirmation beep to indicate that hearing aid is functioning correctly
7. Size 312 battery compartment with embedded On/Off switch, supporting 120 hours of wear


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