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Steps to hearing success

Getting the most from your hearing aids

With the latest technology, hearing aids have developed into tiny supercomputers. In contrast to the past, hearing aids are now as small as the tip of your finger, and have more computing power than the first rocket to the moon.

Once you and your hearing care expert have chosen your hearing devices, you will need to give your brain some time to get used to hearing the many new sounds that had been missing before. Getting used to hearing sounds again while wearing hearing aids is a process, because your brain has “forgotten” individual sounds over time and must now learn to hear them again. The more you wear your hearing aids (we recommend 8 hours a day), the faster you will adapt to hearing again.

Unlike wearing glasses, which improves vision right away, re-learning the ability to hear is a rehabilitative process that happens over several weeks, with the first 7 days being most important. It takes about 6 weeks to get used to wearing a hearing aid in the ear, and to re-adjust to hearing the sounds that were missing before. The sooner you start wearing hearing aids, the easier it is to adjust, and the better your chances will be to reach your maximum recoverable hearing.

Adapting to hearing aids

It takes some time to get used to wearing hearing aids. It is important that you wear your hearing aids for as long as possible, and on a daily basis. Regular wearing every day will lead to sounds being perceived as sounding natural again. We suggest an average of 8 hours a day, but your hearing care expert will recommend a suitable duration of time for your needs. If you do not wear your hearing aids long enough every day, your brain will not adapt to hearing the new sounds.

What to expect in the first 7 days

The first impression during the adaptation process can be getting used to the feeling of having something in the ear. In addition, you may find it unusual to hear sounds that you have not heard for a long time. At first, these sounds may feel sharp or even shrill, but this is completely normal and will improve with the time. With regular use, you will make noticeable progress and your brain will recognize up to 70% of sounds which were lost before.

What to expect after the first 7 days

You will continue to adapt to your new hearing aids, and get more and more used to your new hearing. Background noises will be less distracting at this stage if you have been wearing your hearing aids for the recommended amount of time every day. In general, you will be feeling more relaxed, and ready to face hearing situations that may have been difficult before. Wearing hearing aids will start to feel like a normal part of everyday life. You’ll find it difficult to imagine life without them! Hearing situations that seemed difficult before are now managed effortlessly. After 6 weeks, your brain recognizes up to 90% of all sounds that were missing before.

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