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Choosing the right hearing aid

How to select the best hearing aid for your hearing needs and lifestyle

The world of hearing aids may seem intimidating if this is the first time you are thinking about hearing care. Rest assured that you will be supported through the entire process of learning about how hearing works, why hearing loss happens, and how to choose a hearing aid to best fit your hearing needs and lifestyle.

The most common concern when it comes to hearing instruments is that of price – hearing aids can seem very costly at first glance, and perhaps be equivalent to a month’s salary, or more.

At Vibe, we believe that everyone should have access to the right tools to live their lives the way they want. Our vision is to provide a range of choice for not only different levels of hearing support, but for differing budgets as well.

From the experience that we have gained from over 20 years of helping customers improve their quality of life, we know that the investment in the right tools, at the right time is something that customers do not regret. In fact, most people after they make their investment, say that they wish they started wearing them earlier. The experience of being able to hear the world again the way that you remember it is something that cannot be explained in words, but only heard and felt. This is why we provide a risk-free 7-day home trial of Vibe hearing aids for both ears, so you or your loved one can feel the difference of a brighter day, every day.

What is your lifestyle?

Are you an active person with a high need to communicate with others on a daily basis? Do you live or work in an environment with many people, or spend time in places with many background noises, like restaurants, busy offices, or conferences? You may have a challenging lifestyle and a device with directional microphones, like the Vibe S8 or P8, may suit you.
Or maybe your daily life is more about communicating in small groups, like your family, or with just one other person. If you like doing activities like going out shopping, or having dinner with a friend, you might have a moderate lifestyle and benefit from the Vibe S8, Mini, or Nano.
If most of your time is spent in calm environments, and you have mainly one-on-one conversations, you might have a quiet lifestyle, and the Vibe Mini or Nano may be more suitable for you.
Lifestyle is of course, just one of the things to be taken in to account when selecting a device.
The next factor, level of hearing need, is one of the most important to consider.

What are your hearing needs?

If you have already done our hearing test, or have an audiogram from another provider, you might already know your hearing needs in terms of frequency (Hz) and intensity (dB) for the right and left ears. Vibe Nanos provide the lightest amount of support for mild hearing needs, Vibe Minis or S8s support moderate hearing needs, and Vibe P8s are ideal for maximum hearing support.
The family of Vibe hearing instruments are designed with different levels of technology so that the fit of the devices matches precisely what the wearer needs. Just as wearing glasses with the correct prescription is important to see properly, wearing the right level of technology in your ears is essential to hearing the world as it should be heard.

Your wearing preferences

Choosing a device based solely on its appearance is like choosing a beautiful shoe that is not the right size. It may seem more appealing for the way it looks on the shelf, but it’s only once you wear it that you’ll notice the difference. Most important when it comes to device selection is the effect that the instrument should have for you or your loved one. A device that is more cosmetically attractive may not be the one that will meet your hearing needs. This in turn, will not produce the hearing experience that is desired, which will then lead to the hearing instruments (and your investment) being kept in the drawer, instead of worn in the ears every day where they can be best put to use.
We know that it is a common concern that others might notice that you are wearing hearing aids and treat you differently because of it. However, we also know that a hearing loss is more noticeable to others than a hearing aid. What’s more, Vibe hearing devices can easily be hidden with hair that is a little longer, or with other accessories. Nothing is more invisible than being completely covered and out of sight.

Wondering about your hearing?

Our simple hearing test identifies if hearing devices could be beneficial for you, and can be done with any kind of headphones.

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