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Vibe Hearing Aids

The future of hearing

Technology within your reach. Prices within your budget. Unsurpassable value.

We understand how important good hearing is for living well, but also that investing in hearing aids can be a pricey decision. That’s why Vibe hearing aids combine the highest level of technology with the best prices possible. Because we believe that technology needs to be affordable to be useful.

The Vibe family includes two ITE (In-the-ear) and two BTE (Behind-the-ear) devices which offer different levels of amplification, making Vibe hearing aids perfect for enhancing quality of life for people with mild to severe, or even profound hearing loss. Easy to tune in just a few minutes, Vibe hearing aids are ideal for on-the-spot fittings.

We know that wearing comfort is of utmost importance in a hearing aid, and that’s why Vibe devices are designed ergonomically, with adjustable silky domes to give the perfect fit in the ear, for an incredible wearing experience. Whatever the situation, the Vibe family offers a solution to fit any hearing need.

Discover Vibe Hearing Aids Family

Vibe Nano 8 CIC

Maximal discretion
Astonishing comfort
Intuitive design


Vibe Mini 8 ITC

Experience freedom
Discreet wear
Dependable, every day


Vibe S8 BTE

Active living
Robust design
Easy handling


Vibe P8 BTE

Transformational connections
Precision and power
Pure Performance


Wondering about your hearing?

Our simple hearing test identifies if hearing devices could be beneficial for you, and can be done with any kind of headphones.

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Catching spontaneous moments

“I never gave any thought to my hearing until I realized I was avoiding my friends because of how hard it was to stay in the conversation. Only after I got hearing aids did I see that I had been losing all these opportunities to connect with the people around me.”

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Personalization is close to our hearts

No matter what your hearing situation, Vibe hearing aids can be programmed to meet your individual hearing needs. With results from your hearing test, our hearing care experts can tune Vibe devices so you receive exactly the support you need. The personalization doesn’t stop after your appointment – volume and program changes for different sound environments can still be made at any time on your own using our free mobile app.

Act today to enjoy tomorrow.

Every day spent waiting is a day that could be more connected. Speak with one of our hearing care experts today.

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