What are your hearing needs?

If you have already done our hearing test, or have an audiogram from another provider, you might already know your hearing needs in terms of frequency (Hz) and intensity (dB) for the right and left ears. Vibe Nanos provide the lightest amount of support for mild hearing needs, Vibe Minis or S8s support moderate hearing needs, and Vibe P8s are ideal for maximum hearing support.
The family of Vibe hearing instruments are designed with different levels of technology so that the fit of the devices matches precisely what the wearer needs. Just as wearing glasses with the correct prescription is important to see properly, wearing the right level of technology in your ears is essential to hearing the world as it should be heard.

I am grateful to have my father back

My father worked in a factory all his life, and we all knew that his hearing was damaged starting from many years ago. But I live in another city, and I can’t be there with him as often as I want. I felt so sad about this. My sister lives close to my father, and when she was out shopping with him one day, she passed by a Vibe hearing shop. They put hearing aids, I think they were the Power BTEs on him just to let him try, and when they did, she called me to speak to him on the phone. My father hasn’t been able to hear my voice well over the phone for years now, and I had grown used to shouting. When I shouted like normal into the phone, he asked me why I was talking so loudly! Since then we’ve been able to talk about all the things that we couldn’t before – when I think about how much happiness we’ve been missing out on, I just try to be grateful that we have my father back with us now.

My life changed in a moment

It’s the first time in my life that I am using hearing aids – I really didn’t think I would be that kind of person. What really changed for me was just this one moment, when I was celebrating my granddaughter’s 4th birthday party. She sang a song for everyone, and I couldn’t understand a word she said. Everyone else loved it. I couldn’t tell you how alone I felt in that moment. The idea that I wasn’t enjoying my precious little girl was too much for me. That night, I said to my daughter that no matter what, I was going to try to improve things. She agreed! She even said that she had the same idea many times herself, but was afraid to mention it to me. The Vibe Minis are so small – much smaller than I expected from what I knew about hearing aids – I’m not exactly shouting to the world that I have hearing aids now, but if anyone asks me, I’ll happily tell them that they should get their hearing checked today!

It was hard to admit I had hearing problems

I always thought hearing aids were for old people. I’m a musician, and when I think about it, I spend much more time than the average person in loud environments. It didn’t seem to matter when I was young and thought I could recover from anything. Now I’m 46, and I know I have hearing problems. It was really hard for me to admit to – my ego didn’t want to believe that the problem was me, and not that other people around me weren’t speaking clearly. Music didn’t sound the same anymore, and I just thought that it was the reality of becoming an adult that you don’t enjoy the things from your youth the same way anymore. Until one of my old friends who used to play concerts with me told me that he got hearing aids, and that suddenly the old songs we used to play together sounded just as rich as they did before. He encouraged me to get my hearing checked, and I think he’s the only one I would have listened to. Now that I have the S8s, we actually get together to listen to our records and go to concerts again – I feel like I’m 20 again!

Why should I accept bad hearing?

Hearing loss runs in my family. My father and grandfather both started losing their hearing around the same age. As a child I heard everyone always shouting at them when they were around, and I saw how excluded they were from daily life. I told myself that before the same thing happened to me, I would make sure to be a successful businessman. Like clockwork, when I reached my 50s, I started noticing that I had to work really hard to understand the people around me. But my years as an entrepreneur saved me. Why should I resign myself to a life of bad hearing? There must be so many people in the world who suffer from hearing loss; I cannot be alone. So, I set out to find the best solution. I found Vibe hearing on the internet, and filled out their appointment form. Someone called me right away, and invited me to their shop to have a hearing test and to do a free trial of hearing aids. How could I say no? All I had to do was go there and take them up on their offer. I wear Vibe Nanos every day at the office now, and nobody has any idea that their young, 50-year-old boss wears hearing aids! I even scare some of my younger staff with how much of their conversations I can catch!