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Vibe is dedicated to breaking down barriers for hearing care devices. Our Vibe hearing aids are registered medical devices that can be bought in store or online and fitted in the comfort of users’ own homes without the help of an audiologist.
Vibe hearing aids can be connected to any smartphone. In just five minutes, they can be personalized to user's preference and hearing needs. Vibe's mission is to help those with hearing loss reclaim their social life and never miss the punchline of a story again!

Reviews and testimonials

We are happy to share that the virtually invisible Vibe Air hearing aid got a CES Innovation Award for the groundbreaking ”One Microphone Beam Tecnology”
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Vibe is for individuals 18 and above with mild to moderate hearing loss that’s usually associated with early-stage age degeneration.
It’s not suitable for severe hearing loss, or for use in cases of hearing loss due to injury or illness, and other contraindicators.